Specialist in glued wood

About Grimwood

Grimwood is an international sales office for wood.

Since July 11, 1988 we assist our customers in the purchase and sale of hardwood.

Logs, squared, dried, pre-planed, profiled and pre-painted wood are traded. Next to that we also have a large assortment of wooden floors and wooden cladding in different kinds of wood.

In mutual trust, we ensure theright quality at the right time to avoid unnecessary financing.

The need to use raw materials and energy more and more economically has made us evolve into a specialist in finger-jointed and glued needles and hardwoods.

Since March 2013 E.U.T.R. regulations are applicable on all of our products.

F.S.C. , P.E.F.C., VLO or OLB certificates can be given if available.

Our profiles are tested on a regular basis for their bonding, of which a certificate can be submitted.