UPM Profi Deck – alternative for scaffolding wood

Decking system designed in view of style and durability. Wide range of colours and stain resistant,
even after years of usage, UPM Profi deck looks as new with a minimal maintenance.
Other then with real scaffolding wood and other composits it is resistant to stains
and therefore ideal for use as terrace, pontoon or for making outside furniture.



Type of wood

  • Composite
  • Density: 1.1 g/cm³
  • Color options: Night black, sunny beige, fall brown, silver green, snow blue and stone grey.
  • Origin: Europe
  • Natural durability: durable and resistant to UV light


  • Permanent color
  • Poor in maintenance
  • Stain/wear resistant
  • Splinter free and warm to the touch
  • Fast and simple in assembly
Pontoon in UPM Profi Deck - alternative for scaffolding wood


28 mm x 150 mm


Exterior joinery